The 100 Day Project

 I was listening to a craft podcast this morning and they were talking about The 100 Day Project, which I have heard about before but not really been motivated to do anything myself.  This year though I am interested in doing more of the things that I love and I thought that joining in on this would be great motivation.

So the next 100 Day Project starts on January 31, 2021.  Which works great for me as it gives me the month to get into the habit before the pressure is on.  For my 100 Day project I am going to crochet, not a new specific project but I would like to go through all the projects I have laying around my house that are started and not finished and hopefully finish them.

So starting on January 31, please tune in on Instagram and watch my daily progress.  Instagram not your thing?  I will post weekly updates here on the blog.  

I am excited for this, I have a scarf, two blankets and a sweater on the go on the moment, some of which have been in progress for quite sometime.  But I am confident that I can finish at least one of these in 100 Days.  Which will be great because I also have a backlog of projects to do/start that I have all the materials for and I made a promise to the husband that I would not buy any more yarn until I had used a good chunk of what I have.

Have you participated in the 100 Day Project?  Would you like to?


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