Ace Graduates Grade Eight

I had the joy of watching my oldest graduate grade 8 the other night, which was a big accomplishment for him.  It was a long road for us to get him there through years of bad diagnosis' and schools that did not work for him.

We were lucky just before grade six to finally find a doctor who recognized his struggle for what it was and tested him to see if he was on the spectrum.  (he is)  At the same time he transfer to a smaller school where it really felt like the teachers and his peers cared more.

I watched my son change from an unhappy, miserable boy to a positive, humorous young man.  The change did not happen over night, it was a long road.  I usually keep my struggles with the children pretty private but you never know who might need to hear something.

This kid here holding the honor roll medal, 3 years ago we were at the point where the school he was in was refusing to grade him and I was crying every night because I did not know how to help him.  What a difference time, good teachers and knowing what you are dealing with can make.

Mama's, never stop pushing.  Never stop fighting to find the fit for your child.  No matter how bleak it seems it will get better.

Extra family shot because we so rarely all dress up.


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