Getting to Know You Tag

Hi, lovely readers! I stumbled across this tag on Maggie's blog, The Caramel Files, and swiped it!  Something to liven up the blog.

Vital Stats
  • Name - Melissa Ann.
  • Nicknames - Missy, Mel, Lissa.
  • Birthday - April 1 (April Fools Baby!!!!)
  • Star Sign - Aries.
  • Occupation - Dental Office Manager.
  • Hair Color - black with blue half way down and my fair share of silver.
  • Hair Length - shoulder length.
  • Eye Color - Brown.
  • Best Feature - I am tall.
  • Braces - nope, never needed.
  • Piercings - just my ears, had a belly button piercing but had to take it out.  Would love to get it pierced again.
  • Tattoos - two.  A ram between my shoulder blades and a heart with my son's initials on my thigh. 
  • Right or Left - Right.
  • Real Holiday - The first holiday I can remember with great clarity is the Easter that my Great Aunt passed away, it is not a pleasant memory.
  • Best Friend - Lindsay, she lived down the street.
  • Award - Community participation when I was 5.
  • Concert - MC Hammer and Boys to Men with my mom.
  • TV Show(s) - Doctor Who, Miss Fischer's Murder Mysteries, Once Upon A Time.
  • Color - Purple.
  • Song - "Runaway Train" - Blind Melon.
  • Restaurant - The Octagon.
  • Shop - Amazon or Audible.
  • Books - That's like asking me to choose a favourite child, just not going to happen. 
  • Shoes - boots, I love boots.
  • Feeling - tired, always so tired.  Boo!!!
  • Single or Taken - Taken!
  • Eating -right now a 3/4 cup Kashi Go Lean cereal.  Snack Time!!!!!!!!
  • Thinking About - food.  I am so hungry right now.  I had Buffalo Cauliflower Wings last night and they were so good that I want more right now.  I may go get some later. 
  • Watching - Criminal Minds.
  • Wearing - Purple and black leggings and a long black button up with knee high suede boots.
  • Want Children - no more than the ones I have already.
  • Want to be Married - maybe one day, to the right person.
  • Careers in Mind - I am studying to be a stress management and wellness coach.  Other than that I would like to be a pony, like dress up in costume for parties.  
  • God -Most likely.
  • Miracles - no other way to explain some things.
  • Love at First Sight - Of course.
  • Ghosts - I have never seen one but I believe that they exist.
  • Aliens - Yep, no way are we the smartest creatures in the universe.
  • Soul Mates - Yes.
  • Heaven and Hell - Yes.
  • Kissing on the First Date - It depends on the situation.  Most of the time no but sometimes it may just be a thing that happens.
  • Yourself - 90% of the time I am faking that I believe in myself but whatever works right?


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