February Goals Update One

So in the last 6 days I have achieved nothing on my list.  I have been super busy with work and that has lead to not accomplishing anything else.  Going to work on that this week.  Lots to do.  

New Goals For February:

1) Post every day on my Facebook page.

2) Have my first vendor event.

3) Stay on top of my blogging.

4) Earn 1 CE credit.

5) Log every book I finish on Goodreads.

6) Read another 3 books towards my goal.

7) Clean kitchen cabniets.

8) Finish pink blanket.

9) Start blue blanket.

10) List March granny square swap on swap bot.

11) Roll yarn for Belle Blanket.

12) Make signs for Vendor Show.

13) Do first facebook live event.

14) Figure out how Square works.

15) Scan notes and get rid of full notebook.

16) Watch Season 10 of Doctor Who.

17) File taxes.

18) Workout three times a week.

19) Put Kindle on Ipad to save space on phone.

20) Buy baby present for cousin.

21) Start costume for Toronto Comicon.

22) Buy tickets for Toronto Comicon.

23) Go for a 5k walk on one of my Fridays off.

24) Do a dot to dot picture.

25) Purge Ace's clothes.

26) Clean out front closet.

27) Make vet appointment for the cats.

28) Find a pirate hat.

Previous Goals:

1) Get diath piercing.

2) Clean up my book shelves.

4) Design daily planner printable since I can't find one I like.

5) Finish the one section of my fitness course.

6) Finish one section of my update course.

7) Finish one section of my event planing course.

9) Start a book club.

10) Read 5 books towards my Goodreads Challenge.

11) List 3 things in my Etsy Shop.

12) Set up a dedicated crafting area.

13) Write every day.

14) Prep lunches in advance.

15) Make a meal plan for February.

16) Clean out Dvd's.

18) Go to the ROM.

21) Organize yarn.

23) Organize nail polish.

24) Paint toe nails.

25) Take a selfie every day.

26) Post to Instagram every day.

27) Host a blog giveaway.

28) Make business cards for my Etsy Shop.

30) Clean out filing cabinet.

2) List 1 item in my Etsy Shop.

3) Cancel my gym membership.

5) Post my first video on Youtube.

6) Clean out my closet.

7) Clean out my daughter's room.

12) Finish one section of the next unit in my course.

14) Catch up on pen pal letters.

17) Make lotion bars.

18) Make bath bombs.

20) Make a book Advent Calendar for the kids.

21) Make a binder for my printed crochet patterns.

22) Clean out my stationary drawers.

24) Write another 25,000 words on my WIP.

25) Format and edit my book of poetry.

26) Type my short story into my computer so that I can work on it.

31) Organize craft supplies.

32) Come up with Etsy return policy.

33) Start bringing home stuff from mom's house.

34) Hook up printer.

35) Look for CFL fabrics.

36) Start Body Boss over again.

39) Get my vacation plans in order.


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