Friendly Fill In's

I have a whole bunch of these save because I wanted to join in on the hop but I could never find the time.  Finally I have found the time so here I am hopping in but like a month behind.  (as always)
Hi everyone! Time for the Friendly Fill-Ins, don't forget to add your link at McGuffy's Reader.
1. My favorite cereal is _________________.
2. My prom ____________________.
3. The                         thing about                     is                           .
4. I cannot help                            , but                                       .
 I love playing filling in the blanks.  So much fun!!
1) My favourite cereal is frosted flakes. Not the healthiest cereal but so yummy!
2)  My prom I did not attend.
3) The weird thing about life is you know it is not forever but most people do not live that way.
4) I cannot help bouts of depression, but I always try to cram as much life as I can into the rest of the time.  
Check out the hop and get involved. Make new friends.  Always a good thing. :)   


  1. I will definitely join into the hop one day, loved the questions and your answers. I loved the answer about cramming life into the rest of the time. So sorry to read about your depressions. Blessings!

  2. Don't you think that it's only as we advance in years that we realise that life is short? Working on my bucket list now and trying to live mindfully?


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