Fitness Friday

I had surgery last week and have not been cleared to head back to the gym yet so no progress pictures this week but I am still getting my exercise in just not as intense.  How you ask?  Walking of course.  I always have my FitBit on and while I may not always hit the goal I have set on it these day I do make sure I am getting a decent about of steps in.

Back in February I found a lovely app called StepBet where you bet money on yourself to hit a step goal for a set number of weeks.  Your step goal is determined by the data from your device be it your Fitbit, Garmin or the internal step counter on your phone, for the last few weeks.  Depending on the type of game you can have varying goals, increasing goals by week or all the same goal every day.

If you hit your goals for the whole length of the game the idea is that you at least win your money back, maybe a few dollars more.  I have personally become a bit addicted to it.  It is much easier now that the weather is warmer to beat my step goals, even with the recovery going on.  In the winter I was watching a lot of movies while playing the stepping game on WiiFitU. 

(this is not a paid endorsement of any kind, I just really like this app)


  1. You deserve extra bonus points for doing this despite the surgery. Have a nice weekend!


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