Fitness Friday

It was a struggle for me to decide to post this here, I thought about starting a new blog just for this stuff but as I just bought a domain name for this blog I decided that would be stupid. I am back on track and started a new fitness program on Wednesday and this time I want to keep track of my results. 

Sharing it with the world is scary but I figure it will help me be accountable.  I don't just want to be skinnier, I also want to be stronger, I can barely keep up with my kids and my energy is nothing compared to what it was when I was working out regularly.

I started Body Boss this week and I am doing the first four weeks of "pretraining" before you actually get into the real deal. I am very out of shape and felt this was pretty real deal.  I was also still pretty sore on Thursday which was cardio day but pushed through my cardio.

Day One:

Funny story as a side note, Cat is always keen to workout with me anytime I workout as she feels it is fun. (mostly because she is faster and more flexible than I am)  As I did the workout before her karate class, I told her she could not as she would be too tired.  When she came home from her hour long karate class she took the book and went through the two circuits plus warm up and cool down like they were nothing.  She was not sore on Thursday, she wanted me to go running for cardio with her....

My goal is to be half as fit as my daughter. 


  1. Remember to give yourself a recovery day here and there.


  2. Go get those goals! As to being as fit as the daughter...I don't even entertain the thought when looking at mine :)

  3. YAY!!! I'm cheering you on. I've lost 35 pounds since January--mostly through diet. I was walking 3 miles every day but eating way too many calories so of course, that wasn't helping! But I'm not in good shape by any means. I need to start doing some sort of toning...walking isn't going to cut it.


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