A to Z Challenge 2017: J

This is Lady Matilda Darcy's first Christmas since the fire—her first Christmas without her parents, the Marquis and Marchioness of Darcy. She only has her little brother Clarence and her dour Aunt Alda, who thinks that Christmas decorations are a useless frivolity unless the decoration is for a Regency Romance Ball. Aunt Alda says, “No one will see the Christmas decorations if there is no ball, and she is not having a Christmas Ball at her home.” Matilde wheedles her way into hanging a single Christmas ornament:a Christmas mistletoe, but what is the use? No one will kiss her under it. Matilda desperately wants to feel loved, and just one Christmas Kiss would make a Merry Christmas for Matilda.

I found a real love for regency romance last year when I was doing a lot of reviews.  This is just a tiny one but it is sweet and there is nothing quite like a Christmas romance.


  1. There's something rebellious about reading a Christmas book when it's not Christmas!


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