A to Z Challenge 2017: E

An exciting stand-alone science-fantasy adventure.

Hunted and desperate, Ella, the former Luminess of the Blue Mountain Realm, must evade her pursuers and fulfill a mission given her by the gods. She carries a strange, otherworldly device, the purpose of which she does not know, but if she is to grasp hold of a conditioned prophecy spoken over her, she must survive to deliver the device to a mysterious man named Quanthum.

Her only aid is her sharp intelligence . . . that, and a devoted soldier named Rathan, who has sworn to protect her.

Enter the world of Hearth and read the dramatic tale of Ella and Rathan today!

I enjoyed the first book in this series, prequel that it is.  Ella and Rathan have quite the adventure and it was fun to follow along with.  

Two women, two worlds, one epic destiny. 

On the world of Loam, disturbing visions plague Winter's mind. Made a Seer by the gods, she must either cower away from the terrifying visions of the future, or face them head on and risk her life to fulfill her dangerous calling. 

On the world of Hearth, Meluscia is determined to save her kingdom from the monstrous creatures crawling out of the wastelands, but first she must convince her dying father she is fit for the throne. But her schemes to gain power must survive her desperate longing for intimacy, for if she is to rule the Blue Mountain Realm, she must abide by the scriptures and forsake the love of a man.
A genre BLENDING series set in a vast fantasy universe where elements of science fiction are dominated by gods and monsters, visions and gifts.

I did not find this book as enticing as the first one and so I ended my journey with the series here.  The story was good but the way that it jumped between the two main characters was too jarring for me.  


  1. Wow.This a very different genre from what i read
    Looking forward for your future posts on A to Z challenge

  2. Interesting that the jumping between characters jarred with you on the second one - it is something that can be difficult to do well in a book.
    Sophie's Thoughts & Fumbles - Dragon Diaries

  3. Genre blending seems to be popular amongst writers. It makes for interesting stories.
    Writer In Transit

  4. These look like something I'd enjoy. Thanks for sharing!


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