A to Z Challenge 2017: A

Ghosts are real. So is time travel.

Eighteen-year-old Lucy Channing discovers this reality after her dead grandmother gives her a beautiful locket. As soon as her fingers brush the cold copper, Lucy is swept out of the nineteenth century and into the twenty-first.

The first person she encounters is twenty-year-old William Godwin. He’s uber-rich, arrogant, exciting, and oh so handsome. 

William agrees to help the strange girl find her way home. Or into the nearest mental institution.

But what the two uncover reveals more than ghosts and time travel. Lucy and William discover a love greater than time itself.

A love so strong it reaches... 

Across the Ages

Read the EXCITING conclusion to Will and Lucy's love story. 

Their love was so strong it reached across the ages. Now it just might kill them. 

LUCY CHANNING is back in her time of 1815 where she's engaged to her childhood friend, the handsome Dashel Rothchild, 7th Earl of Westington. He's incredibly sweet, a complete gentleman, and not the man Lucy loves. But that's the least of her problems. The Egyptian God of Chaos and the irritating Moon Goddess have taken a special interest in Lucy and Will, the man she's actually in love with (and incidentally is from the twenty-first century). One god appears to be trying to help while the other wants them dead. It seems Will and Lucy's love is destined to end in blood or at least eternal separation. There is a sliver of hope. Will and Lucy must find the other half of Lucy's time travel amulet and put the pieces together. It shouldn't be too difficult, especially with the help of her betrothed, her lady's maid, and the strange Duke of Vladimir.

This was a a good choice for my first book series to read for the A-Z Challenge this year.  It was fun and a quick read.  I really enjoyed Lucy and Will's story.

It was crazy ridiculous in parts and it was more on the paranormal than I originally thought when I read the description but I like that sort of thing so we are all good.

If paranormal romance is your thing give these books a try. 


  1. Ghost, time travel, and a love story? Sounds like a lot of fun stuff.

  2. I've not really read much paranormal stuff, but I've set up a collection for it on my Kindle and I've got a fair bit in there, so I can start dipping into it some time. :-)

  3. It sounds very similar to something I've just read which I really enjoyed so I might give it a go!

  4. I'm into paranormal thingies (not necessarily just romance) so this could be a good read for me :)

    Thanks for visiting my site and reading about overcoming writer's block (B post). This was my A post: How to Spell the Ancient Filipino Way


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