My Favourite.....Animated Movie

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If this had come up just a few weeks ago it would have been hard, I am a huge animated movie fan so there are so, so many that I love but that was for we finally got out to see Moana.  We had not seen it due to scheduling with the kids and I was super excited that it was still playing in the theaters.

Moana is really my kind of girl, she sets off on an adventure to save her home and her family.  She is brave and loving and my gosh..that hair!  It is a great, great movie.

I cannot stop singing the songs from this movie.  I mean, the movie is fantastic and we loved it and have already added it to our movie collection but the music.  So much more.  I am how my daughter was a few years ago when all she did was walk around singing "Let It Go" until her brother wanted to leave her out in the backyard.

I am sorry if you are singing this for the rest of the day...I know I will be.  Have a great day and if you haven't seen should.  Just for the music which you will never get out of your head.  I play it all day at work.  


  1. I haven't seen it. You may have convinced me to try to get ahold of the soundtrack though.

  2. This sounds like a very fun movie. I haven't seen it, but I'm a big fan of animated movies so I'll definitely need to keep this one in mind!
    Thanks for joining and signing up!! :D

  3. I have not seen it as of yet, but my granddaughter did and loves it. My seventeen year old has it on her "want to see list". So, I'm sure I'll get to see it.
    Perspectives at Life & Faith in Caneyhead #AtoZChallenge

  4. Sounds like a film for me. Great idea for a post.

  5. I missed Moana when it was on in our cinema a few weeks ago but I can't wait to see it.

  6. Now that my stepdaughter is pretty much grown, we don't see animated movies anymore. I do miss it. There were some fun ones!


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