The Gratitude Project

This really does get harder instead of the easier I thought it would get.  Maybe it gets easier in time?

February 6, 2017

- being able to speak my mind
- kindle unlimited

February 7, 2017

- instafreebie (really feeling grateful for free books right now)
- my kids having such a great team at school
- evenings off from work

February 8, 2017

- Ace cooking dinner
- Cat always pushing me to take the extra steps and do the work out

February 9, 2017

- when people to the extra mile to help you out
- when you can make the insomnia work for you

February 10, 2017

- short work days
- that Cat is enjoying karate and sticking with it even though she is not perfect at it

February 11, 2017

- that the guy at the phone place can always fix things
- cat snuggles

February 12, 2017

- snow
- when the kids just want to hang out with mom


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