Family Pictures Take One

We had some family pictures taken as a present to my mom a few weeks ago and I just got them back yesterday.  Ace is starting to go through that I don't want to go do anything stage so he refused to smile but I think they still turned out sort of all right.

One of these days I am going to figure out how to rotate pictures on the blog, then we will really be working out well.

And here is the first one of the whole family, where at least he attempted to smile.  Ugh! Preteens!

There are some more great shots that I am looking forward to having of me and the kids and one of me and my mom and my sister that is fantastic.  This really sets the tone for the year though, I want to have more pictures of my kids with my parents and even with us so that one day when they are sitting down with their kids they can share the memories.

Whether those memories are formal pictures like these or silly selfies taken on a cell phone.

Do you make sure to be in the pictures with your kids?


  1. I think he looks fine without a smile. It's a natural look. I'm in very few photos with my kids because I was almost always the photographer.


  2. I love those photos. Your kids look so grown up compared to when I first started following your blog!


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