The Great Baby Caper Review

The Great Baby Caper is a delightful romantic romp. Courtney Kelly was definitely going places. She had beauty and brains, talent and ambition. She was clearly on track to become the new CEO of Bootle's Baby Bower, the upscale string of baby boutiques owned by M. Billingham Bootle. Unfortunately, her eccentric employer had declared that the coveted promotion would go to whichever of his four candidates was first to accomplish his or her assigned task in the wacky scavenger hunt he'd devised -- and Courtney's task was to find the most eligible bachelor in the New Orleans French Quarter and marry him by morning. Finding a suitable matrimonial prize who was willing to pose as her fiancé was a lot easier than Courtney expected -- but she was shocked and outraged when her wacky boss made it clear he expected her to go through with an actual wedding. And when she discovered she'd been tricked into selecting M. Billingham Bootle's all-too-handsome, charming, and sexy grandson, Mark, and that he'd been in on the scheme from the first, she declared that she wouldn't marry him for all the corporate glory in creation. Mark was equally furious. He'd finally met the woman of his dreams, the feeling had seemed to be mutual, and his grandfather had just made it likely she'd never want to see him again. But Mark hadn't become a top-flight London management consultant and wealthy entrepreneur by waiting for other people to come to him. He was prepared to use every advantage at his disposal to win Courtney's heart, including teasing and tantalizing her, driving her to distraction, seducing her with shared delights -- and using the fact he was about to become the father of her baby to seal the deal.

This book started off fantastically, I really thought that it was going to be a unique interesting read and then my disconnect with Courtney hit, she was very difficult for me to relate to and find a way to sympathize with.  Mark was really the easier to understand character for me.


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