A to Z Challenge 2016: D

It really takes a lot of reading really fast to keep up with this kind of challenge, sadly I am starting to drag a little bit already.

My D book is Dark Hero by Lily Silver.

Elizabeth is a survivor. Betrayed, kidnapped and left for dead, she awakens on a ship bound for the Indies, in the bed of a stranger claiming to be her husband. As she recovers from her ordeal, the gift of the seer emerges; the ability to see and speak with the dead. A descendant of druids, Elizabeth knows she must hide her strange gifts as her new husband could claim she's insane and commit her to a madhouse. Can she trust this Dark Hero her grandmother conjured from the Gothic romances Elizabeth once devoured? 

Donovan survived betrayal, imprisonment and torture. Deception and subterfuge are the weapons used to keep people at a distance. Donovan’s penchant for deception and disguises may be his undoing when his bride awakens after her rescue and doesn't recognize him. As he struggles to rekindle their love, he fears he may be locked in a prison of a different kind; a loveless marriage to a woman who fears him and cannot abide his touch.

An interesting gothicish romance novel with pirates, what fun!  Elizabeth was a great character at time and a bit too much of a wallflower type at times but I still couldn't help but love her.  Donovan was fantastic, I think I'm a bit in love with him myself.  Another great random read.


  1. What a great idea to review so many books. You're braver than I am but as I'm in need of some new reading I'll be dropping by again.

    Imagine Me At Clarion

  2. Great review. I'm lagging a bit too, but we can do it!!

  3. You are my hero! A book a day....I couldn't do it. Good luck and I'll be back around because I can always use more books!



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