Workout Word Three

Today's word if pecuniary!

pecuniary (ADJECTIVE) /pi-kyoo-nee-air-e/

Definition: of, or pertaining to, money; consisting of, paid for, or exacted in a cash payment.

Sentence: The environmentalists argued that the value of the Chesterville swamp is much greater than its pecuniary land value.


P - 10 Sit Ups

E – 10 Sumo Squats

C – 1 Minute Jump Rope

U - 20 Mountain Climbers

N - 1 Minutes Wall Sit

I – 20 Shoulder Width Squats                              

A – 20 Alternating Hammer Curls 

R - 30 Arm Circles

Y - 10 Shoulder Presses

How are you feeling today?  Don't forget to stretch!


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