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2016 Resolutions/Goals

This year I basically failed my resolutions due to some crazy stuff going on in life that led to ignoring everything and stress eating for months.  2016 is going to be a better year, I can taste it.  This year I am going to set some realistic goals to get life back on track. 1) Keep a planner going with not just appointments but also health related things so that everything is in one place. 2) Go to the gym at least three times a week. 3) Set time aside every week to respond to my pen pals. 4) Be more creative. 5) Do more hiking. 6) Aim for at least three blog posts a week. 7) Comment more on other people's blogs. 8) Get my Inbox to Zero and keep it there at least weekly. 9) Finish 5k run training. 10) Do a 5k run. What are your goals for this year?

Express Yourself Weekly Meme

The Express Yourself Weekly Meme is hosted  Bouquet Of Books  and  Entertaining Interests .  This week's topic is: What is the last text you sent and/or received? Not really anything interesting I am afraid, my fiance sent me "I got the Darth Vader mug.  Of course you can only put dark roast in it."  And I sent back "...", because really what can you say to that?

Not Always Happenstance Blog Tour

Currently December 16, 2015

Currently.... {I read  Jamie Morrow's  Currently every week and I always want to hop on board because it seems like such a fun way to keep you guys updated on the stuff going on in my life so here I am.} Loving... Snow, it actually snowed here this morning.  There's none that stuck around on the ground but it is a start. Reading... I found the Vampire Academy books when our local thrift store was having a sale and I plowed through the first three over the weekend.  They are fantastic.  Can't say I want to watch the movie but I highly recommend the books. Watching... Attempting to finish off this season of Doctor Who before the Christmas special, if only work didn't get in the way. Listening To... Zombie Run at the gym. Thinking About... How we are going to get through Christmas dinner when 1/4 of our house is still not unpacked thanks to how rough the last few months have been. Anticipating... Getting all the boxes unp

Guest Post: Santa Hats

I’d like to start by thanking Melissa Ann for letting me stop by to promote my Christmas novella Self-Help 101 or: How I Learned to Take Over the World Through Tolerating My Family . Santa hats are a holiday staple for many. You can buy them at any store that sells Christmas decorations. My kids have a Santa hat that they’ve nearly worn out. They take turns pretending to be Santa, wrapping presents in whatever they can find and putting them under the tree. I saw a game using Santa hats floating around the interwebs that looked kind of fun. If you’re gathered with a group of friends watching TV, perch a Santa hat on the top corner of the TV. Every time a character in the show ends up wearing the hat, everyone has to do something. It can be used as a drinking game if everyone is at least 21, but even if there are younger people playing, non-alcoholic eggnog or hot cocoa can be used for this. Or maybe you want to use it as an excuse to eat too much. Every time someone w

Seaside Christmas Blog Tour Review

Blog Tour Schedule Seaside Christmas by Stacy Claflin He can’t stand her. She thinks he’s crazy. Will their feelings stay etched in permanent ink? Cruz Hunter has always stuck out in his small hometown. Now that he’s covered in tattoos, the residents peg him as even more of an outcast. It seems like the whole world is against his dream of opening a local tattoo parlor. When he finally finds the perfect place for his new business, Cruz discovers a pastor and his daughter have already bought it. The only thing more irritating than the change in his plan is Talia, a beautiful and feisty argument in a dress. Cruz would like nothing more than to have her out of his life and his mind, but for some reason, she’s the only thing he can think about. If Cruz and Talia can stop arguing long enough, opposites may do much more than attract. Excerpt:   The snow glistened in the sun and crunched under Cruz Hunter’s boots as he walked toward the building that  would soon b

Celebrate The Small Things: December 11, 2015

Celebrate the Small Things is hosted by  Lexa Cain  along with wonderful co- hosts  Writing Off The Edge  and  The Cyborg Mom . This week I am celebrating the fact that I am still employed and I don't have to stress majorly about the holiday season. Also we finally put up some decorations in the condo so things feel a little more festive. What are you celebrating this week?

Currently: November 25, 2015

Currently.... {I read  Jamie Morrow's  Currently every week and I always want to hop on board because it seems like such a fun way to keep you guys updated on the stuff going on in my life so here I am.} Loving... Getting to spend so much time with my family over the weekend. Reading... I am reading Deep Six by Clive Cussler, it's a reread but every bit as exciting as the first time that I read it. Watching... Catching up on Doctor Who and streaming The OC. Listening To... Zombie Run for all the exercise. Thinking About... How short life is. Anticipating... Christmas . Wishing...   To take more joy and enjoyment out of everyday. Making Me Happy... All the family Christmas parties happening with my huge extended family.