Fast Five Friday: Phone Apps

This blog hop is the brainchild of Dani and Jax over at Cover Girls and it's quickly become one of my favourites.  It's fast, in list format and I can participate as much or as little as I want. Which is cool, because sometimes life gets busy.

So I am just taking topics all willy nilly now as I got so far behind.  C'est la vie!

The topic for today's post is phone apps, and boy do I have a few of those.  My five favourites were pretty hard to pick but I narrowed it down for you:

1) Pact

Put your money up against doing healthy activities and make money if you complete your pact.  (because sometimes I need the push)

2) Checkout 51

Collect money back on stuff you are buying anyway, I LOVE, LOVE this app.

3) Duolingo

My kids are both in French Immersion now and can talk circles around me but I am catching up thanks to Duolingo.

4) Audible

I used to hate audio books, now I am so addicted to Audible, great for long walks and distance trips. Also great for at the gym.

5) Photo Repost

Because sometimes you just have to share that awesome thing that you saw on Instagram.



Aug. 28: 5 websites/blogs you visit the most


Sept. 4: 5 books that had you bawling or near tears
Sept. 11: 5 things you're looking forward to in the fall
Sept. 18: 5 books you’d like to see turned into movies/TV shows
Sept. 25: 5 most anticipated books


Oct. 2: 5 classic literature novels you adore
Oct. 9: 5 Halloween costumes you think are awesome
Oct. 16: 5 things that drive you bat-shit-crazy
Oct. 23: 5 top Halloween-isk movies you always watch

Oct. 30: No FFF this week. Spooktoberfest is happening!

Don't forget to go by Cover Girls Fast Five Friday post and link up if you decide to participate.


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