Today's List: September 13, 2015

My All-Star Authors List:

  • Melanie Rawn
- she writes three of my favourite series which contain many, many of my favourite characters
  • Terry Prachett
- Discworld is one of my favourite series and he wrote DEATH better than anyone.
  • Neil Gaimen
- Such a wide range of writing.
  • Stephen King
- so many fantastic stories
  • Terry Goodkind
- some of my favourite characters in any books I have ever read, so real and so flawed
  • Christopher Stasheff
- one of my favourite fantasy authors, perfectly balanced with all my favourite "happy fantasy" ingredients


  1. This is a very good list. I just read one of Christopher Stasheff's books for the first time as part of the Reading Challenge I'm doing this year. Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett are two of my absolute favourite authors. :-)

  2. Stephen King is on my list, too...although sometimes he can be a bit long-winded!


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