Celebrate The Small Things: August 7, 2015

Celebrate the Small Things is hosted by Lexa Cain along with wonderful co- hosts Writing Off The Edge and The Cyborg Mom.

This week I am celebrating the fact that I have a job to go to get away from the craziness of moving.  If I didn't I might have gone crazy by now and ended up buried under a pile of all the stuff that didn't seem like quite so much before I tried to pack it.  I really envy the people (like Mike) who can be really brutal and just be like "Yup, don't need this" I am so attached to 90% of the things I own.

Trying to purge books has been stonewalled twice by getting all teary-eyed over some book from high school English class that I will never read again but can't part with.  These are literary classics...one needs to own a copy of Call of The Wild.  People will judge me if I don't.  (well mostly I will judge me but hey) The kids might need it to read in school.  And I REALLY loved that book.

I am also celebrating the fact that I am going to marry someone who understands the fact that books are irreplaceable in some cases and that if I REALLY had to choose I would be a lonely old lady surrounded by books. SO MANY BOOKS.

What are you celebrating this week?


  1. It's funny how we form attachments to things. For me, it's books, too. A fella once told me that it was him or all of the books. I'll let you guess who's still here. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Books are not trash and should never be just thrown away. If you ever do decide to part with some, I hope you can find a 2nd hand store or library to give them to. The thing I throw away most of is clothes. If I haven't worn it in 5 years, it must go. My hubby's a hoarder though. He keeps everything, even broken things. *sigh* I hope you manage to complete your packing!

  3. When we moved into our home we discovered a box with books printed in the early 1900s. Their covers are so intricate and the pages are very yellow. In any case, we feel somewhat connected to the first family who lived in our house. I think it's cool. Some other folks think its just garbage, but whatever.... We're keeping them.

  4. Congrats on the new job, and meeting someone who shares the book love.

  5. I had a collection of short stories from HS that I couldn't part with, either!

  6. Hi I'm dropping by on the A-Z Road Trip. I liked the theme you had for the challenge. It was my first year and having a theme definitely helped me. You have some good regular posts going on here. Good luck with the move.

  7. I know exactly what you mean about the books. Last time I decided to have a book purge I managed to get rid of exactly one book, and that was only because it was a duplicate!

    Of course, just because I have a couple of copies of a book doesn't mean I'll get rid of it in a clear out. I've got about five versions of The Lord of the Rings, all different editions, hence the need to keep them all.

    My husband is of the understanding variety as well. ;-)

  8. Moving was SO stressful. And my clients were still bombarding me with assignments. I don't know how I made it through!

  9. Congrats to getting away from the stress of moving and being surrounded by books!

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