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Fast Five Friday: May 29, 2015

This blog hop is the brainchild of Dani and Jax over at Cover Girls and it's quickly become one of my favourites.  It's fast, in list format and I can participate as much or as little as I want. Which is cool, because sometimes life gets busy.

This week's topic is: Five Childhood Cartoons:

1) Gem and The Holograms.

I started watching this again recently on Netflix and while it's not a binge watching show by any means it is still fabulous.

2) Care Bears

3) She-ra Princess of Power

4) Tiny Toons

This is the ring tone on my phone, I sit quote Tiny Toons ALL THE TIME.

5) Sailor Moon.

This is just a small spectrum of the childhood cartoons I love, I could keep going until you fall asleep from boredom.  It's a great way to come up with new ideas for Cosplay (like I don't have a long enough list, lol!)

The topics for the upcoming weeks are:

May 29:  5 childhood cartoons

June 5:  5 books you couldn't put down

June 12:  5 cancelled/retired shows you miss

June 19:  …

Celebrate The Small Things: May 29, 2015

Celebrate the Small Things is hosted by Lexa Cain along with wonderful co- hosts Writing Off The Edge and The Cyborg Mom.

I have a big celebration this week, my baby turns six!  It's so hard to believe that she has grown up so fast.  :(  It seems like just yesterday she was a tiny baby and now she's getting ready to graduate senior kindergarten.

Check out what everyone else is celebrating today:

Throwback Thursday: Born Day

Such a sweet little bundle of joy, I can't believe she's going to be six in just a few days.

Express Yourself: May 25 to May 29, 2015

The Express Yourself Weekly Meme is hosted Bouquet Of Books and Entertaining Interests.  This week's topic is: Name a few things you like to eat while writing.

I am ashamed to admit it but I have a major Cheetos addiction.

That and chocolate and I could survive locked away writing in a cabin for months.

Well and coffee of course.

Waves of Romance Review

Sage Drake is living the good life in sunny Seaside Heights, Florida. Once an avowed workaholic, her sexy new lover – surfer, world traveler and author Derek Chambers – has awakened in her not just a love for the ocean, and surfing, but for life in general. But when her trusted assistant manager departs for college a few months early, Sage is forced to choose between managing her bookstore, Sequels, or enjoying the good life with Derek. A solution comes in the form of Colby Weathers, a worthy replacement for her old assistant manager… if only she wasn’t so beautiful. Sage isn’t the only one to notice and, when Derek and Colby hit it off, Sage’s worst fears are confirmed: he easily tosses her aside for the much younger Colby. Or does he? After a brief affair, Derek comes back, more in love than ever. The only question is: can Sage forgive him?


Owning and running a bookstore that serves coffee on the beach is pretty much my dream life.  A surfer, author boyfriend would just be a d…

Express Yourself: May 18 to May 22, 2015

The Express Yourself Weekly Meme is hosted Bouquet Of Books and Entertaining Interests.  This week's topic is: What quirks does your BFF have that you adore, because it makes them unique?

This is a photo of me and my BFF, aren't we adorable?  Like puppies right?  Anyway...back to quirks that I adore, the dictionary defines a quirk as a peculiar behavioral habit.  I can't say that she has any quirks so to speak but I adore her most of the time just the same.

This is a blog hop (that I am a week behind on) usually I would post the linky list here but when I went  to grab it said it was expired so when it is back up and running I will come back and update it for you all.

100 Days of Being Geek Chic & Healthy

I stumbled across this one day in my wanderings on the blogosphere over on Nerdy Birdie and I knew I absolutely wanted to participate but as I was in the middle of the A to Z Challenge at the time I knew that I did not have the time, or the energy to do it.  However it's May now.

So, like most things that I want to do I am going to bend the rules just a touch and use Mondays as my days to be catching up on the 100 days posts.  I think it will be fun and interesting, some of the topics are really fantastic.

This isn't a blog hop in the strictest sense of the word so there's no link list to check out other posts but there is a google community which can be found here.

Post A to Z Road Trip

As usual I finished the A to Z Challenge with more than a few blogs left to visit so it's time for the annual cruise through summer and visiting the rest of those blogs.

I am planning on taking it easy this year, I always try to be super ambitious and do everything and want to post about my favourite things that I find and I never do because life is busy and I am always doing a thousand things.  So this year I am just going to visit new blogs from the list when I can and not stress about anything else.

If I find something super fantastic I will share it with you guys, but I am not stressing about it.

Find the list of other road trippers here.

The Rake and The Recluse Review

Great Britain, 1880

A woman out of time.
A man stifled by propriety.
A nemesis determined to take her away.
A brother to the rescue.

The Duke of Roxleigh is running the track, training his new set of Friesians when a woman runs from the forest directly into his path, nearly killing her.

He takes her back to his home to care for her... but there's something not quite right and though he wishes to be done with the entire situation, he just can't keep her from his thoughts...

Francine Larrabee was on a path bound for certain glory, until she lands in Victorian England and is nearly killed by a team of terrifying black horses led by a Duke, Gideon, who matches them in spirit and demeanor and always seems to be cross. Though she is drawn to her rescuer, he wants nothing to do with her.

Brother to The Duke of Roxleigh, the Lord Peregrine Trumbull, is Viscount
of Roxleigh in name, but a rake of the worst order by action.... until he meets his match in a girl who requires his complete submissi…

Celebrate The Small Things: May 22, 2015

Celebrate the Small Things is hosted by Lexa Cain along with wonderful co- hosts Writing Off The Edge and The Cyborg Mom

This week I am celebrating the successful launch brunch that the Toronto chapter of Geek Girl Brunch had last weekend.  We had about 10 Brunchettes show up and given that it was a long weekend I think that was pretty great.  Now to gear up for next month's brunch, which has a Space Travelers theme.  (matches my wedding theme, great practice for me)

Also on my list of celebrations this week is that my phone has FINALLY been fixed and I have it back.  I have never been happier.  I missed it so much.

What are you celebrating this week?

Summer Savings Event at Birthday Express

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

Great news! Birthday Express just launched their Summer Savings Event and it features some great deals including hundreds of products $.99 and under! These deals sizzle so get them while they're hot! Check out the deal links and some of my favorite products below.

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Throwback Thursday: May 21, 2015

Another one of the little one when she was a bitty little thing.  I can't believe how fast she is growing.

Express Yourself:

The Express Yourself Weekly Meme is hosted Bouquet Of Books and Entertaining Interests.  This week's topic is: We are 1/3 of the way through the year. Name something you have achieved thus far.

My biggest achievement this year is deciding to do a 5k run, which was totally insane. I looked over some of the 5k training apps and decided that I liked Zombies, Run! 5k.  I figured the most likely cause of me running in real life is going to be a Zombie apocalypse so why not train that way?

All joking aside, I really do love this app, the workouts start off nice and easy and it works with the music on my phone.  It even shows me which songs increase my productivity and which ones decrease it when I log in online.

This is a blog hop, go on and check out what everyone else is up to, and join in if you want:

Express Yourself:

The Express Yourself Weekly Meme is hosted Bouquet Of Books and Entertaining Interests.  This week's topic is: Tell us something you haven't tried yet but would like to. ( this is actually from the beginning of the month, I am playing catch up)

One thing I have never tried but I would really like to is cross stitch (lame I know) but it's something I have always wanted to have a go at.  Ace even bought me some easy kits for Christmas last year but I just haven't been able to make the time.

It's on my project list, you know after finishing those Cosplay's I have going for Fan Expo and moving and all that jazz.

This is a blog hop, check out what everyone else had to say here:

Blood, Boobs & Carnage Blogfest

The long weekend caught me a little unprepared today and I forgot that I had scheduled this on so that I would remember to write it, a trick that usually works.  Except that for some reason I thought that the 18th was Tuesday.  :(

I did not watch Shoot 'Em Up when it first came out because despite having a passion for these types of movies it looked a little on the ridiculous side.  But somehow it ended up in my dvd collection and I ended up home with a newborn baby unable to sleep EVER.

Turned out one colicky baby loved watching (listening to?) violent movies and Shoot 'Em Up quickly became our movie of choice.  At 3am that opening scene is just really awesome.

I can't say I have watched it too many times since Cat outgrew her colic but it's on my list of favourite movies in this category for sure.

This blog hop is being hosted by Alex J Cavanaugh and Heather M Gardner and you can find links to the other participants on their blogs.  Go check them out.

Celebrate The Small Things: May 15, 2015

Celebrate the Small Things is hosted by Lexa Cain along with wonderful co- hosts Writing Off The Edge and The Cyborg Mom.

The biggest highlight of my week was stopping at the mall to go to the bank and finding the sweetest dress at H&M that I think would be perfect for Cat to wear as her flower girl dress for the wedding.

Oh, and I got the call from the phone repair guy saying that my cell phone is fixed.  Woo hoo!  I am super excited to have it back for tomorrow's Geek Girl Brunch outing.

Check out what everyone else is celebrating below:

Throwback Thursday: May 14, 2014

With Cat's birthday coming up in a few weeks I thought I would throw up a few post to celebrate how much she has grown.  What a cutie eh?

Today's List: May 10, 2015

One of my goals for the blog this year is to blog more and to express more of myself through blogging and I though that listing would be a good way.  
I'd Love Waking Up Inside These Books:
Eragon - Christopher Paolini (I would love to be an elf)
The Magician's Nephew - C.S. Lewis
The Once and Future King - T.H. Elliot
The Ruins Of Ambrai - Melanie Rawn

Her Majesty's Wizard - Christopher Stasheff
There may be a bit of a theme there but these are some of my favourite books and I would love to spend time in any of there worlds.  There are others of course but these are the top ones.

Up to 90% off Costumes! Shop the BuyCostumes Semi-Annual Clearance Event

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

Mike and I are doing a dear to our heart couples cosplay for Fan Expo this year and some of it was far beyond my sewing expertise but I was not willing to spend huge amounts of money to comission something I may only wear once or twice.  I was very happy to stumble upon this website.  Expressing how happy I am with the pieces of our costumes that we bought will be a blog post on it's own but I wanted to share the sale with you guys.
I know I will be stocking up on a few things.

For the entire month of May, BuyCostumes is running their Semi-Annual Clearance Sale with costumes up to 90% off! Now is the perfect time to stock-up on fun costumes for the kiddos... even yourself! Here are a few ideas on how to take advantage of this sale:
Gear up the kids for summer fun! Kids will love dressing up as their favorite character or superhero.
Do you have a family reunion or summer cam…

Celebrate The Small Things: May 8, 2015

Celebrate the Small Things is hosted by Lexa Cain along with wonderful co- hosts Writing Off The Edge and The Cyborg Mom.

This week a had a few small things crop up to celebrate, Ace had a trip to the orthodontist and he isn't going to need the expander that thought he would need at his last visit. (huge relief)

Also had an old friend get in touch that I haven't spoken to in a very long time which is always lovely.

Finally, I am vaguely starting to feel less like I am going to die when I am running.  It's only the smallest improvement but I can feel.  It makes me happy because after today's run the next one get really hard.

This post is part of a blog hop, please swing by and check out what everyone else has had to celebrate this week,  Have a great weekend everyone.

Reflections From A to Z

Another challenge has come to a close and I feel a whole year wiser this year. Having a set theme and something to write every day definitely kept me on track.  I already have ideas for next years theme.

I was much better about visiting other blogs but not so much about commenting still, I am bad at that. I just have no idea what to say, I am still just as awkward online as I am in real life. So I get to spend the next few month working on how to comment and reply to comments.  I can do this.

Please make sure to go and check out the reflection posts of other bloggers that participated this year here.  After all a huge part of the A to Z is getting out and making new bloggy friends.

Cricut Explore One

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links.

If you're new to the wonderful world of crafting -- or even if you consider yourself to be more of a "basic" crafter -- then Cricut's brand new machine is just for you! This nifty new machine is called the Cricut Explore One™ and it's perfect for crafing beginners and basic crafters because it offers a simplified design-and-cut system that is incredibly user-friendly. The Explore One™ actually offers most of the same features as Cricut's other Explore machines, it's just priced lower!

In addition to its affordable price, here are a few other things about the Cricut Explore One™ that you're sure to love:

It can cut over 60 different materials, from the most delicate materials like vellum to thicker things like leather. It can also cut cardstock, vinyl, fabric, balsa wood, leather, and more…without complicated settings.
You'll have fre…

Photo A Day Challenge: Days 1 to 10

Last month I started another photo a day challenge as a way to work on my photography skills which as you know leave more than a little to be desired. It was going okay until I dropped my phone and broke the camera. *face palm* But we are back in business for now with a loaner phone that makes me feel like a total moron while my camera gets fixed.

Day One:

Ladybug we found chilling on the sidewalk while out for a walk.

Day Two:

Morning skies on the way to work.

Day Three:

The creek on one of my training runs.

Day Four:

Spider Girl is so sparkly today.

Day Five:

Someone's lawn decoration on the way home from High Park.

Day Six:

Birthday present from my sister.

Day Seven:

Hail at the bus stop.

Day Eight:

Coolest postcards ever.

Day Nine:

Bringing a little superhero to my work clothes.

Day Ten:

Cat lost a tooth.

I am being a little more flexible with myself this time, if I miss a day it's not the end of the world.  Especially those days I had no working camera on my phone.  I am …

Celebrate The Small Things: May 1, 2015

Celebrate the Small Things is hosted by Lexa Cain along with wonderful co- hosts Writing Off The Edge and The Cyborg Mom.

The first thing I am celebrating this week is that I made it to the end of April with my sanity intact!  Another Challenge notched on the blog!

Also, two weeks from tomorrow is the launch brunch for Geek Girl Brunch Toronto/Niagara Chapter for which I am an officer and I am super excited. (and nervous)  This means the next two weeks will be full of tons of work and excitement.  I will also be doing some guest blogs over at our chapter blog so you should check that out.  (and if you are in the Greater Toronto Area check us out, we are going to have a great time with our Marvel themed brunch and then go see Avengers)

In other notes, the running practice went for a little dip because of all the migraines (stupid spring) but I pushed Mike into doing a 5k with me and now Mr. Competitive is kicking my butt so I am still plodding along. :)

Also we went to see Ace's …