A to Z Challenge: C

It's the third day of the A to Z Challenge.  Ready to learn some new words with me?

Definition: a center of attention : someone who directs or guides
Sentence: Sally always becomes the cynosure because of her good looks.

Definition: stubbornly defiant or rebellious; disobedient
Sentence: The contumacious woman wouldn't agree to anything the police officer told her to do.

Definition: having an unpleasant sound.
Sentence: Shoppers mingle, traders peddle their wares and children play in the street, all to a cacophonous backdrop of roaring motorbikes and honking cars.
            -- Reuters (May 9, 2010)

Definition: produced by a wildly fanciful imagination.
Sentence: Indeed during his wild and chimerical attempts for finding out a golden country, it is not improbable that this brave adventurer visited many different places.
                 -- Alexander Hewatt 

Definition: occurring in the same period of time.
Sentence: In all cases, these materials have been introduced into the cave at some period subsequent to, or contemporaneous with the formation of the cave.
               -- Henry Alleyne Nicholson


  1. I love the word cacophonous, sometimes it's the best way to describe a lot of noise. I have also worked contemporaneous into an essay in the past as well (in order to conserve my word count), hehe.

  2. I think C words are like barking sounds sometimes LOL they need to be said with grit like Cacophonous CCCCC lovely!

  3. Love the sound of these words!

  4. Oh I love adding words to my vocabulary! Great words you chose.
    Happy A-Zing...
    Michele at Angels Bark

  5. Great words for "C"!

  6. Melissa, I feel my brain growing! I'm going to have to push out useless information to make room for more vocabulary. Keep it coming, girl.

  7. Nice words! What a great challenge - I like the idea of a-z blogging.


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