Throwback Thursday: Sister Mice

I can't even begin to remember all  the stupid nicknames me and my sister had for each other over than last twenty some years.  At some point though she started calling me sister mouse. I have no idea why.  It possibly would have made sense when we were children but we were long into adulthood at this time.

As a loving tribute to my sister I decided to post a picture of us when we were much younger, because I am past the point of being embarrassed of the days of horrible hair and worse glasses.

How much though do my kids look like us?  Cat is almost a dead ringer for my sister and if you were to give Ace a wig and a tan he could be me no?


  1. Hi Melissa Ann! I haven't seen photos of the kids, but this is a very sweet photo. 'Sister mouse,' never heard that one. Have a great weekend.

    1. After reading this my sister filled me in, Ace went on a kick I don't remember of calling everyone so and so mouse. So she naturally joined him and it stuck.

  2. I think you are absolutely adorable. As a lifelong, ridiculously straight haired girl, I have spent many a dollar trying to get big, curly hair. Finally, I had to cry "Uncle!" and give up. Love the 'do.

    1. I fought my curls until Cat was old enough to start understanding what was going on, now I embrace the crazy hair. And she is so in love with her curls that she is terrified of hair cuts "Because what if they cut the curl away?"


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