Celebrate The Small Things: November 14, 2014

It's time again for the Celebrate the Small Things blog hop hosted by Scribblings of an Aspiring Author.  It's a chance to look back over the week and remember the things big and small that made it a little brighter.

This brightest spot in my week this week was game night with my kids on Wednesday, it was awesome to get to spend that time with them even though I wasn't feeling well.

I am also celebrating Ace getting a better than anticipated report card this week.  He had a rough start to the school year with trying to find his balance between fitting in and doing his best work but he still pulled off decent grades.  He gets a big high five from Mommy.

Really looking forward to the weekend and a chance to relax and work on some projects that I have lined up.

Check out what everyone else is celebrating this week and let us know what you are celebrating too:


  1. Hi Melissa Ann. Sorry to get here so late - wanted to see what you were celebrating. I love, love Monopoly - it never goes out of style. Hope you get some rest and feel better. Good to hear your son is doing great in school - it can so tough on them and then tough on Moms.
    Projects? I'll be waiting to hear some good stuff.
    Thank you for visiting my bloghome. Your comments are always most appreciated. Have a great weekend.


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