The Neverending Blanket

Sometimes I start projects and I feel like they are never, ever going to come to completion.  This blanket that I am making for my best friend is one of them.  I must have started it two years ago now and I picked the particular wave pattern that I did both because I thought it would look neat with the self striping yarn I am using and because it is supposed to work up quickly.

It seems to be a glitch on my part because patterns that are supposed to work up quickly almost never do, I don't know what it is.  I think perhaps it's because they are usually made of repetitive stitches that require little to no thought which bores the utter life out of me so I can only work on them for so long before I start just going slower and slower....

Fortunately it is finally nearing completion, which is nice because I have tons of other projects I would like to get underway.


  1. It is beautiful and looks like a lot of work! Good job!

  2. About thirty years ago I embroidered two quilt tops, one the size of a quilt to hang on the wall, and one queen sized. They have never been quilted. I don't have the desire to quilt, and I've never found anyone to quilt for me. I enjoying the embroidery, though.


    1. Pardon me, please: I ENJOYED the embroidery, though.

  3. That looks lovely and Yay! for nearing completion.

    I know what you mean. I had a simple metred blanket which took me about three years to do, and I've been working on the same sock for two months now. I think challenging projects hold your attention better so you feel more motivated to complete them.

  4. Hello there.
    I'm a knitter/crocheter too, so I know only too well how much time and effort goes into these kinds of creative tasks. It's a lovely gift to give. Visiting from the A-Z Road Trip.

    Entrepreneurial Goddess


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