Library Things Review: Wednesdaymeter

I got this book in a Library Thing member giveaway in exchange for an honest review.

Book Summery:

An eggplant wails, a ladder breaks, and the guise of civility shatters...

A professor of festival studies, a potato hunter, a deadly career councilor and a part-time terrorist are struggling to retain their sanity in a magically mundane city.  Their carefully laid out plans fall apart when they meet Mr. Pearson, an everyman who suspects a conspiracy of evil polygons behind his company's absurd practices. 

Theirs is a world in which people use raw produce and wasted time to alter reality.  If it were not for the stringent safety standards on fruits and vegetables, the citizens would live in misery.  Most live a life of willful ignorance instead, desperate to avoid facing the threats surrounding them. 

 Festival season is about to begin, but the colorful banners cannot hide the tragic past any longer.

The above was taken from Dean Carnby's Wednesdaymeter site and perhaps if I had gone there and read it first I would have been prepared for the book, which I really wasn't.  At first it kind of turned me off a bit because I spent the first two or three chapters wondering what the hell was going on and if this was going to be like 50 Shades and destined to be one of the few books in the world I've started that I couldn't finish.

I am very happy to say that I kept plugging away with it out of sheer curiosity to see where the story was going and if my poor little brain would start to make sense of the world that Carnby built.  About halfway through I feel in absolute love with it.  I didn't want to put it down, I actually missed my subway stop one night when I was in the thick of the action and ended up having to backtrack to my destination.

Wednesdaymeter was a fresh new world and and fun read that really made me think.  I enjoyed it immensely once I got used to the brain workout and I look forward to the next book.


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