Songs of Summer

I am a big lover of music (as you may have noticed) so  when I stumbled on this blog hop hosted by The Armchair Squid, Servitor Ludi, and Subliminal Coffee I jumped right on board.  Music is a powerful memory trigger and there's nothing quite like it bring back thoughts of people and places long pushed to the far corners of ones mind.

The first song that comes to mind when I think of summer is 'Surfin' Safari' from the Beach Boys.  Many moons ago, when I was in Grade One, at the end of the year we did a variety show of sorts and my group did this song.  Looking back on it now I am grateful I grew up before the time of cell phones as someone's parents probably would have put that out on Facebook or their blog or something and then it would have been out there FOREVER.

The second song that came to mind was Whigfield's 'Saturday Night' which brings back warm, fuzzy memories of summer in high school.
Another song that reminds me of summer in my high school days in Aqua's 'Barbie Girl', which both dates me and says I had not the greatest taste in music.
A huge part of the summer when I was in my teens was the endless hours I spent at Canada's Wonderland.  The summer I was 14 there was this live show there we were obsessed with, we watched almost every performance everyday we were there.  So we saw it maybe 150 times that summer, we knew it at least as well as the performers.  The one song that they did that always brings back those memories for me is Chic's 'Le Freak'.
The fifth and final song on our journey of song that remind me of summer is Rob Zombie's 'Dragula'.  For me it's the anthem of countless summer music festivals.  Frolicking in the sun, dancing on me seat and generally having a rocking good time.

I hope you enjoyed this musical trip down memory lane with me and that you'll check out the other bloggers participating in this blog hop:

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  1. I love Le Freak, and Dragula! I wished I could have heard the other songs! Dang iPad!

  2. Very eclectic mix! I don't believe I've ever heard "Barbie Girl", "Le Freak", and "Dragula" in the same set before. :)

    Definitely enjoyed your songs of summer!

  3. Wow, that was an interesting mix! I needed to hang with YOU in the summer, obviously.

    Enjoyed it all! Thanks!

  4. I always liked Barbie Girl! Ice Ice Baby was hugely popular when I was in college and we'd ride around our campus listening to it. The song sucks, but it still takes me back to those days!

  5. Your list is jamin. I even considered some of these, but had to make some tough choices. Thanks for sharing.

  6. There is no shame in "Barbie Girl"! It was everywhere, it was catchy, and cheesy goodness keeps us grounded!

  7. I never though of Chic's 'Le Freak' as a summer song, but you're right! Those crazy summers. Great list Melissa!

  8. Excellent summer mix. I used to do variety shows with my cousins that heavily featured the Beach Boys! We called ourselves the Beach Kids, heehee.

  9. What an eclectic summer mix! Loved seeing and hearing the different songs. :)

  10. :) Enjoyed 'Le Freak.' I didn't know that was what the song was called so when I started playing it, I was pleasantly surprised. If we were making a mix of a selection of songs from all the posts, today, I'd definitely include that one.

    Thank you for participating, Melissa!

  11. I love how you go from Surfin' Safari to Dragula! And good taste or not, that Barbie Girl song is catchy :)

  12. Not sure if I've managed to post a comment or not, so apologies if two appear... Barbie Girl song was kitsch enough to be open about enjoying it. I admit to loving this pop nonsense too :-)

  13. Can't possibly go wrong with The Beach Boys.
    ~ D-FensDogg

  14. Now that's quite a mix! The only thing familiar to me here is the Beach Boys, so I guess that dates ME. Some fun listening. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Fun choices! We sang the Beatles in school :-)


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