School's Out

Today marks the last day of school for the monkeys, an exciting day for Cat as it is her first last day of school and she has been counting down to it FOREVER it seems like.  A little less exciting for Ace as it means not seeing his friends every day and a summer full of working on his research project skills.

This morning they each headed off to school with their bags full of thank you gifts for various staff members that they felt were vital to their school year.  Ace with chocolates and thoughtfully written out thank you cards and Cat with brightly patterned pens and paper clips that she felt would make her teacher's smile to use.  (their personalities are really so different)

Being the terrible inappropriate cool parent that I am I naturally pulled up Alice Cooper's School's Out on my phone for the kids on the way to school.  Ace was less than impressed, (who's kid is he anyway?) but Cat was very into it.

I had to play it though, this song marked the start of summer for me for so long, I feel the need to make it part of the tradition for my kids.  Whether they like it or not. 


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