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School's Out

Today marks the last day of school for the monkeys, an exciting day for Cat as it is her first last day of school and she has been counting down to it FOREVER it seems like.  A little less exciting for Ace as it means not seeing his friends every day and a summer full of working on his research project skills.

This morning they each headed off to school with their bags full of thank you gifts for various staff members that they felt were vital to their school year.  Ace with chocolates and thoughtfully written out thank you cards and Cat with brightly patterned pens and paper clips that she felt would make her teacher's smile to use.  (their personalities are really so different)
Being the terrible inappropriate cool parent that I am I naturally pulled up Alice Cooper's School's Out on my phone for the kids on the way to school.  Ace was less than impressed, (who's kid is he anyway?) but Cat was very into it.

I had to play it though, this song marked the start of summ…

The Amber Spyglass Review

Out of the three books in the series this one was my favourite, but it didn't really get to be interesting reading until almost the end.  In fact, the only reason I pushed through on reading it was school is almost out and Ace needs reading material for summer break.  And for some reason these books are on his radar.

There were a lot of parts in this series where I felt things didn't pull together and I got to the end feeling like there was more than one loose end.  Not my favourite feeling at the end of a book.  I did like the end though, I hate sappy, happily ever after endings when they don't fit into the story so this was brilliant on that front.

I loved Lyra's growth through the series as a whole, great to watch.  I'm a little more iffy on the development of some of the other characters.  In some spots I feel they really act out of character with little to no warning or reasoning, which is jarring for a reader.

I can sense there's going to be a great de…

Anansi Boys Review

I had been looking forward to reading this since I finished American Gods but I try to limit the amount of new books I bring into my house in any one period.  (not like it works)  I did pick it up on a before the movies book shopping trip with the rug rats and I am ever so glad I did.

Mr. Nancy was my favourite of the peripheral characters in American Gods, there's something about the way he is portrayed that just draws you in.  I was more than enthusiastic about getting to hear his story in a more in depth manner.

I didn't connect with Fat Charlie right at the beginning of the book, he was more of a slow hook character for me, it was as gradual as his development in the story.  Once I did fall for him though, it was completely and I was sad for the book to end, it was like losing a friend.

Celebrate The Small Things

I think this is going to become one of my favorite blog posts, a chance to look back over my week and remember all the little things that made it exciting and special.  All too often it's something we really don't do and that's a shame.  So without further ado here's my list for this week:

1) I got to spend some time with my cousin Stacy who I haven't seen in almost a decade.

2) Ace had his grade three graduation ceremony.

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Celebrate The Small Things

I stumbled across this blog-hop in my travels and thought it was just brilliant.  A chance to look back and reflect on the small victories of the week.  It is hosted by Scribblings Of An Aspiring Writer so wander on over there and check it out.

My things I am celebrating this week are:

1) I got to sit down and write out some letters and postcards to send out.

2) I bought my son his first suit, and didn't start crying in the store.

3) I got a pair of sparkly sandals for $2.00.  :)

Iggle Tea Swap

I recently participated in a swap over at the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club that I was super excited about.  Now, I know I get pretty excited about all of them because I love getting mail, and I love sending mail, and I really love putting stuff together that will hopefully make people happy.  This one however was for tea and well that's right up there with books, stickers and craft supplies as far as my addictions go.  (over the top)

This wonderful package is from Alex, a fellow Canadian.

This yummy package came from MsDuh, and came equipped with snacks for the tea.  The teas included were Everyday Wellness Tea and Siberian Fireball Tea both by Lind's Blends on Etsy and Cinnamon Plum Tea from Spice and Tea.  I am super in love with the matching card and pencil, so adorable.

This package from Isobel in Scotland was full of yummy ginger teas and a gorgeous postcard.  I love ginger and the Lemongrass, Ginger, Cirus tea was SOOOOO good.  (it smell great all day too, as …

Book Review: A Game Of Thrones

After finishing all the books I decided to go back and do a reread, to catch all those little things I know I missed the first time around.  You know, read the series a little more deeply

'A Game of Thrones' does what the beginning of a series ought to do, it grabs your attentions, hooks your interest and refuses to let go of it.  It is not my favourite if the series by any means but that does not diminish how well written it is.

One can really get drawn into a deep emotional bond with these characters whether you like them or not.  So there are parts of this book that hit a person really hard.

Cat is Five

I can't believe that my little tiny baby is five.  It seems like just yesterday she was born, a tiny little scream bundle of hair.  Now she growing up faster than I can handle, now it's piercing her ears and school yard squabbles, I don't want to contemplate what will come next.

Cat came almost a week late and she has been determined to make her own path ever since.  You know when your parents tell you as a teenager just you wait until you have kids?  Cat is that child for me, she inherited her mother's stubbornness, temper and mischievous spirit.  Probably a few other things that haven't come out yet too.

She looks like such a little mischief maker in this picture, it's hard for me to believe she was ever this small now.  She still gets that look though.

This is her first birthday picture, done by my beautiful friend Melanie at MMP Photography.  (seriously if you are in the GTA and have kids or are expecting kids go check her out, great photographer)  I made t…


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I have been taking two separate study at home courses over the past year or so in my 'spare time' and most of what I have learned is that my brain is not what it used to be.  In college I barely had to study, (mind you then I had all sorts of time and very little stress) now it's hours and hours of study for things to feel like they are being retained.

There's got to be a trick to it right?  Some sort of thing that makes information stay in there despite the fact that I can only spare a few weeks to studying.  Clearly my current method of reading, highlighting and going back and rereading and making notes is not doing it for me.

Time to study up on study habits.  Any tips?