Throwback Thursday: Me

This is a picture of me and my grandmother from roughly 1983, I find myself missing my grandmother a lot more with every small milestone the kids pass.  So with Cat's fifth birthday pressing on me and Ace about to "graduate" from Grade Three she is constantly on my mind.

How much she would have loved to see my kids, how much Ace reminds me of her.  Would she have approved of the values I am trying to instill in them?  Would she see the same resemblances in them that I do?  My great uncle's nose?  My sister's attitude?

I don't have a lot of pictures in my house, a few of the kids that really need to be updated and this one.  Because it's one of the few pictures I have of me and my Nanny.  The woman who taught me everything about what being a good person really means.  Who taught me that there is nothing so bad that it won't seem better after a cup of tea and a cookie.

The kids roll their eyes when I break out the camera to take pictures of  us together randomly but one day they will be glad I did.  There are far to many people who have passed from my life who I wished I had taken more pictures with.

So watch out world, me and my camera are coming your way!


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