Photo Challenge Week Nine: February 26 to March 4

Slowly but surely I am catching up on my blogging, and posting random stuff in between.  I feel positive about getting on track and getting stuff out into the world.  Now to find and dump my camera for all the ComiCon and Cuba pictures.

February 26, 2014:

Dinosaur postcard for my collection from my pen pal.

February 27, 2014:

A shot of my very messy living room.

February 28, 2014:

Like my new hairband?

March 1, 2014:

The boy gave me a new hat.  I must say he has good taste.

March 2, 2014:

Cat's flower tree painting.

March 3, 2014:

Valentine's Day treat.

March 4, 2014:

A gift my wonderful coworker Marion brought me back from South Africa.


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