The Twelve Books Kids Should Read Before Twelve

A few weeks ago I posted Chapters list of twelve books they thought kids should read before they turned twelve and my thoughts on it.  The main thing I thought was that there were some books missing from their list and as promised I complied my own list of books that were a huge part of my childhood and I think all kids should read.  Adults too if they haven't.

This list is in no particular order other than possibly my own preference.

This is on my (very long) list of favourite books, it was the book that started my lifetime love of all things science fiction.  I actually give people a funny look when they tell me they haven't read it, kind of like the one Ace gives people when they say they don't play Minecraft.

For those who aren't aware this is the first story in The Chronicles of Narnia, in my humble opinion it is the best.  At the very least it is not one to be skipped.

I'm more than a little surprised this one didn't make their list, as far as I am concerned it is a childhood classic.  It was definitely one of my favourite books as a kid and I still love it very, very much.

I first discovered this book back in the days of being read to in class by supply teachers, you know rather than actually doing work.  Side note, if you are a supply teacher that is totally the kind you should be.  I have read it many times since.  As I kid I thought it was deliciously frightening.

I am a great lover of Dr. Seuss (aren't we all?) and this is one of my very favourites.  (along with The Lorax)  I think all kids should read it and any other Dr. Seuss books they can get their hands on.

I might be a bit partial to this one because I am from the East Coast of Canada, we were pretty much raised on tales of Anne of Green Gables.  I mean my first (and only) summer camp experience was on Prince Edward Island and the big highlight of the camp was that they took us to Green Gables.  Canadian or not though I recommend this book, it is a great read for kids of all ages.

This is another on this list of good, old fashioned, great stories.  I loved these books, I think they are great for family reading time, which is a very popular time in our house.

Oh the deep things Tolkien brought out in my imagination when I was a kid.  I spent a whole summer exploring parks and pretending to have my own little Hobbit hideaway after reading this book.  It's a must read for kids as far as I am concerned.

As my kids know I am obsessed with all things Wizard of Oz, it's up there with Alice in Wonderland and The Hobbit for me with stuff kids should read.  It helps to expand their imaginations.

This is just a great book.

This is one of my favorite animal books ever, I loved it as a kid and I love it now as an adult.

This is not aimed at the same age range but Mike and I found it one day at the bookstore (because we are that weird couple that reads each other kids books in the bookstore) and brought it home to Cat and it was a huge hit.  Ace loves reading it to her and they have great discussions about it.

In my opinion though, any book that gets your kid reading is a good book.  Cat likes superhero comics and princess stories, Ace likes Archie comics and fact books.  Me well I like everything.


  1. Love A Wrinkle in Time. I remember needing to read that in sixth grade. Needless to say, I eventually went out and bought my own copy!


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