Photo Challenge Week Eight: February 19 to February 25

So I only have about a zillion photos to catch up on posting, not exactly my idea of fun.  Still I have to be proud of the fact that I have still be taking them every day, even if some of them have been reaching a little for subject matter.  Anyway, on to the pictures:

February 19, 2014:

Super awesome postcard from my super awesome pen pal.

February 20, 2014:

My first foray into juicing, what's become an obsession since then.

February 21, 2014:

The view from my bed, mostly cos-play odds and ends.

February 22, 2014:

Shiny new nail polish. (with badly done nails, I need more practice)

February 23, 2014:

Fancy new lettering for my letter writing.

February 24, 2014:

My monkeys at daycare.

February 25, 2014:

One of my favorite juicing recipes so far: Carrot, apple, sweet potato, beet and orange.  Yummy!

The prompts for Week Nine in case you get stuck are:


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