I is for Igloo

As a kid I had a huge fascination with Igloos and every winter without fail I would be out there in the snow trying to make one.  Sadly, my snow shelter attempts never made it very far off the ground.  I blame the fact that I live too far south but I am willing to bet if I'd tried to build one this winter I would have met with a lot more success.

Igloos were predominantly constructed by people in Canada's Central Arctic and Greenland's Thule areas.  Some neat things I learned about Igloos include:

1) It's mostly outside the Inuit society that igloo refers exclusively to shelters constructed from blocks of compacted snow.

2) Snow used to build an igloo must be sound enough to cut and stacked in blocks.


  1. Both of my kids have gone through stages of igloo fascination. We definitely had enough of the right type of snow to make one, this winter!


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