G is For Geisha

 Geisha are traditional female Japanese entertainers whose skills include classical music, dance and games.  There is so much here to be fascinated with that it's like being a kid in a candy store...you don't know where to look first.  I learned some really neat stuff and I think there are great stories there.

The most interesting thing I learned is that there is (like most things) a process of apprenticeship for becoming a a geisha.  As, they progress towards becoming a full geisha their dress, hairstyle and makeup all become simpler.   Other things I learned are:

1) There were (and still are a few) male geisha.

2) Geisha must retire if they marry.  

Geisha can work well into later life which is just fascinating to me as I said. 


  1. Geishas have always fascinated me that they are still such an intimate part of the Japanese culture.

  2. I agree with Linda. I was unfamiliar until I saw Memoirs of a Geisha, and since then I have been fascinated with this life!

  3. There is such an elegance in the Geisha. I'm sure there is so much that we don't know that has been lost over the ages.
    hopeful for spring

  4. Their artistry in everything they do has always fascinated me. And there's so much to learn about them. The kimono alone could engross me for months!


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