B is for Ballerina

I was always more than a little fascinated with dance even though I have less than no rhythm.  What little girl doesn't?  The long graceful lines, the glittery costumes and the adoring fans.  Turns out not only did I not have any rhythm I have massive stage fright as well.  So no dance career for me.

Naturally, wanting to be a dancer I wanted to be a ballerina because they are the best of the best.  Anyhow, I did some research and learned some neat things about ballerinas:

1) The term ballerina is a critical accolade reserved for well-trained and highly accomplished female classical ballet dancers.

2) The rank of Prima Ballerina Assoluta was bestowed on a ballerina who was considered to be exceptionally talented and above the standard of other leading ballerinas though now the title is rarely used and is mostly symbolic and used in recognition of a notable career.

I know when I think of ballets I usually think of Swan Lake or The Nutcracker but the Grade Threes at my sons school were treated to seeing a ballet of The Velveteen Rabbit.  (Oh how I wish I could have gone)  He was thrilled and said it was just wonderful.

I am (naturally) dying to see Alice in Wonderland as well.  What's your favorite ballet?  


  1. I love Ballerinas thank for sharing it with us as it reminded me of my daughter this morning who is no longer with me and made me smile.


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