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Photo Challenge Week Six: February 5th to February 11

So here we are at the end of week six already...that means to date I have intentionally taken for this challenge 42 pictures.  That's pretty insane, and also the longest I have ever stuck with a photo challenge. YAY ME!!! February 5, 2014: The view from my doorway. February 6, 2014: Present ideas for Miss Cat. February 7, 2014: Dinosaur Valentine in the making. February 8, 2014: My loot from the Iggles Valentines's day swap. February 9, 2014: Computer problems. February 10, 2013: Scented cupcake valentine. February 11, 2014: Motivational mints. That was my week's worth of photos.  I know I am a touch behind on posting my pictures but I have found it easy to keep up on taking them.  Even if that means getting up last minute to take a picture of something random because I am sick and just realized I forgot like last night. The prompts for week seven are:

Evie The Crayon Creator Blog Tour

Evie is 5 years old and has a dream of going to Disneyworld. When begging and pleading didn’t work Evie started on a new plan to make her dream come true… she started a business! Now she is saving her money while making crayons and selling them on Etsy! From Evie:   The first crayons I made were just a homework project with my mom. I wanted a dino birthday party and my mom said she would help me make decorations. We made dino art to put up on the walls, dino invitations and dino favors. The favors were little dinosaur crayons that my mom helped me poor into a mold. After the birthday party some of my friends wanted more. So we made more... and more... and more... and then my mom helped me put them with dinosaur books in my grandpa's shop. I sold so many that I went to the store with my mom and bought new shapes to make and we ordered molds for those shapes too.  Now I sale them on my mom's site (Etsy store) that we share. Now my mom helps me cut the papers and I take

Photo Challenge Week 5: January 29th to February 4th

Another fun filled week here in the Greater Toronto Area with all the winter you can handle from the freezing cold to the crazy snow.  I got some really fun, cute pictures and a couple that I cute took because I hadn't taken a picture and realized it late. January 29, 2014: Cat's happy snowman. January 30, 2014: Crafty dinosaur kit. January 31, 2014: Cleaning out my purse to lend it to my sister. February 1, 2014: Snow on the subway tracks. February 2, 2014: Watching Green Lantern with Cat. February 3, 2014: Glitter dinosaur stickers! February 4, 2014: Valentine's Day stationary. That was my week in pictures.  The prompts for next week are: As a side note, coming up next week I will be holding my very first ever giveaway.  As a tiny hint it will be dinosaur themed.