New Years Resolutions

So my whole plan of having goals instead of resolutions...big flop.  I achieved  maybe three of them.  Okay, that's not really a very good count so let's have a tally, out of twelve goals that I had at the beginning of 2013 here at the beginning of 2014 I achieved six.  Hey, that's actually not that bad.

In review for you here are the ones I did achieve:

1) Finish the Doctor Who scarf - I did and it is well loved by it's new owner, maybe I shall make myself one one day.

5) Start working on my novel - I did and I started working on one I like more and got further on during NaNoWrMo.

6) Work on my self esteem - I took up Cosplaying

9) Spending more time playing with my kids - in so many ways

10) Wear my fancy shoes more - check

12) Work on being happy - see above

The things I want to work on in 2014 are still thing things I didn't quite achieve in 2013 only with a little more focus on the less is more side of life.  The older I get the more I want to simplify things.  So my goals this year:

1) Finish the craft projects I started in 2013.

2) Finish the first draft I started during NaNoWrMo.

3) Work on eating cleaner.

4) Drink more water.

5) Blog more.

6) Have less stuff.

7) Give clutterless gifts.

8) Save more.

9) Make more time to exercise.

10) Read more.

11) Practice my French.

12) Take more pictures.

13) Finish more things that I start in a timely manner.

14) Focus less on work and more on my life. 

I think that's a good solid start for that year, fourteen things to focus on to move my life forward in more more positive direction for the new year. 


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