Welcome To December

Ah, December...how glad I am to have found my way here.  It seems like November went by in such a blur of running around doing too many things, not getting enough things actually done, being sick, sick kids, disappointment and oh yeah my first NaNoWrMo.  Can't tell you how glad I am to see the end of November. 

Where to being, firrst of all, I am still, teetering on the edge of sick.  Do you know that feeling?  I hate it.  A runny nose here, a sore throat there, it makes me want to just curl up in q little ball and cry.  But I can't cause you know work, kids, life.

Then of course there was my first attempt at NaNoWrMo...um yeah.  Next year I am booking my entire month of November free of social obligations rather than attempting to keep them and write.  I did not hit 50,000 words.  But I am pretty impressed with my 29,670 that I did get.  It is, after all, a huge start on something that I am so far pleased with in a short amount of time.  The key is of course to keep moving forward from there. 

Which will happen after December because this short blog post alone has taken me three days to write and I am doing it on my phone.  I just haven't had a chance to breathe everything is so hectic.  And Christmas looms closer with every passing day, which just adds to the to do list.  Yipes! 

I am sure there is more to tell, I did make a lovely hockey blanket for my mom last week but the pictures are on my camera so it will get it's own post.  Eventually. 


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