And So School Begins

Somewhere along the way I got lost in the momentum of my kids growing up.  I forgot to get worried about things until they were right on top of me.  Like Cat starting junior kindergarten this year.
All summer we have been preparing for this day, we bought her backpack.  Hello Kitty, just like every other one she has ever owned.  But black and a little more grown up in her four year old eyes.  She picked out a lunch, with periodic table style wording on it.

We talked about how different school would be from daycare.  We went grocery shopping on Friday to buy her school lunches.  She picked out all her favorite snacks.  I thought we were as prepared as we could be.

On the first day she wanted to wear her Captain America costume to school so she would be brave.  We settled on the shirt with jeans and a sweater.  On the way it occurred to me maybe Mommy should have worn a superhero shirt because she could stand to feel a little braver. 

Having both your kids going to different schools is a pain, especially when you HAVE to go with one but the other one is having a freak out. That was my situation Tuesday morning...I had to be with Cat first day ever, parent tour, only there for any hour, you name it.  But Ace?  He was having such anxiety about starting Grade 3, despite all reassurances,  that I felt like I was abandoning him.  (got to love the mommy guilt)

In the end all his fears turned out to be nothing and he came home having had a fantastic day. (who knew?)  His teacher is fantastically nice and there's kids he knows in his class and most importantly the first handout she gave was one outlining what the workload was going to be like for the year.  That was his biggest fear, how much harder Grade Three is supposed to be.  I am happy that he has visibly relaxed.

As for Miss Cat, after her first full day yesterday, I can't get a word (or a thought) in edgewise.  "Mommy...  Do you know the school has a library?  My class went to the library, the librarian, who is very pretty read us a book.  Then guess what!  We got to choose a book to bring home.  And when we bring it back we get a sticker and we can bring home a new book!  I got a Berenstain Bears book."

From her excitement you would think she had never been to the library before.  But I get it, she doesn't have her own card, they don't give her stickers and we never do story hour there because it is at stupid times.  Although I have created my own unintentional story hour and gotten stink eye from other parents.  (that however is a story for another blog post)

Hope back to school has gone well for all. 


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