A To Z Challenge Reflections 2013

So I made it out alive but barely, really I kind of limped out the end.  I was a day late finishing overall and I am in no means proud of my last few posts but I finished.  I think all in all for being sick and just winging it I feel good about how I did with it.

I found some awesome blogs to follow this year.  While I didn't make it to many in the last week I made it to a good number in the first few weeks and way more than I did last year.  I still need to work on my commenting as sometimes I just don't know what to write.  (sometimes I just don't know what to blog either so I guess that makes sense)

I am already looking forward to next year, especially since I already have a theme, almost all my topics and a couple of posts written.  Now quick, everyone cross their fingers that I don't get sick. 


  1. Knowing what to write in a comment is one of my greatest challenges with blog hops. If one is about a theme I am interested in I have no trouble and can usually offer meaningful feedback, but give me a post about paranormal, television or dance moves and I am like a duck out of waddle!

    Great reflections post. I am going to wander around here a bit, if that is okay... :)

  2. Blog hops are mostly just for meeting new people and networking. A to Z is the best one for that.

  3. You finished! and you have plans already for next year- good job!
    See you next year if not before in the movies...heheh


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