D is for Dinosaur


A triceratops and a t-rex walk into a bar...

Okay, that's all I've got.  Telling jokes is not my strong suit, but I love dinosaurs.  When I went looking for pictures for this post I discovered I have almost a hundred random pictures of dinosaurs on my phone.  (weird right?)

My favorite type of dinosaur is the triceratops which is a type of herbivorous dinosaur that lived during the late Cretaceous period in North America.  They have a large bony frill and three horns in a rough triangular formation, they are the most familiar of the ceratopsid dinosaurs.

Last year, the kids and I went to a dinosaur thing and I discovered another type of ceratopsid dinosaur that I had never heard of before that I thought was just gorgeous.  They are called Kosmoceratops and they also lived during the late Cretaceous period in North America.  They are one of the most ornate ceratopsids and their frills are covered with horns.  


I have never come across a toy kosmoceratops but I would love to have one to add to my collection.  (which is not small) 

Triceratops purse we picked up

My office dinosaurs
What's your favorite dinosaur?


  1. I love dinosaurs too! In high school my bff and I were obsessed with Jurassic Park and all things dino. :)

  2. My lack of knowledge about dinosaurs is most evident when I'm with my six year old nephew. He knows them all : ) I might go see Jurrasic Park in 3 D though...does that count? Visiting from the A-Z...have a great weekend!


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