The Monday After The Time Change Should So Be A Holiday

Today's post will be nothing more than a rant thanks to the lack of sleep due to the stupid time change.  I am not even sure how I managed to make it in to work today fully dressed and looking like a grown up.  I am just thankful it is March Break and the kids are away for the week or I would probably be hiding under my bed right about now.

So, Toronto Comicon and my first attempt at cosplaying were awesome.  I totally get why people do this now.  It is fun.  There is something incredibly rewarding about putting effort into your take of something you love and having other people appreciate it as much as you do. 

The post and pictures (yup, I brought my camara this time) will be up later this week along with several making of posts.  I mean, it is after all craft month and I have posted nothing about it so far since I was too busy crafting.   Which in a weird way makes sense to me. 

Sadly, the crafts I loved making the most, like my super puffy TARDIS cosplay underskirt I didn't take any pictures of myself making nor did I really get any good shots of myself wearing as I was wearing it under something.  Alas, crafter problems. 

Oh well, those are the breaks.  Look for some actual posts this week with some great pictures.  As soon as I catch up on that sleep. 


  1. Melissa Ann,

    That is SOOOO true! It can be called the Daylight's Savings Holiday and we can all celebrate by wearing special hats that look like a giant sun with rays coming off it. I will get right on designing that. Hmmm.

    I wrote a post about Daylight's Saving a while back, that is to show you how very much I can relate to this. Here is the essay if you are interested:

    I will be back to read more!


  2. I soooooooo agree!

    Love your blog!

    Visiting from the A to Z Challege and looking forward to your posts!

    I'm blogging at and


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