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A Break In Our Regularly Scheduled Programing

Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to take a minor break in blogging.  (as you may have noticed)   I also had to ditch my A to Z theme for this year, I am not dropping out of the challenge I just cannot commit to the work that my oh so brilliant theme involved after losing a week of writing time. That's not to say I won't tackle it, after all some of the posts have already been written, therefore they will be pushed forward to 2014.  Meaning this year's A to Z will once again be random.  That's a scary thought for me right now, at this point I only have idea's for A and C, but those posts at least will rock your sock off. Oh wait, I also have N and H, so that's not so bad, only 22 more to go.  Here's looking forward to another great challenge and hopefully no more bad surprises this year.  Because that would suck and I have already had too much suck this year.  Anyhow, here's looking forward to an awesome challenge this year!

My Daughter

I had an incident with Cat earlier this week that really made me realize how strong willed of a child she is.  We were getting close to the time we have to leave on Tuesday morning and she was taking for ever to get ready so I told her if she didn't have her snow suit on by the time I got back in the room I was going to do it for her. Of course, she didn't put it on, so I put it on for her which elicited a meltdown, but it was time to go so I put on her boots and off we went down the street...with Cat screaming like I am trying to murder her.  Every time she paused to take a breath it was: "We have to go back, I need to do it myself." Me: "I gave you a chance to do it yourself, you didn't.  If we go back we will miss the bus, your brother will miss his school bus, I will be late for work and get fired and you guys will starve to death." (yes, I actually tell my kids that they will starve to death if I get fired.  Yes I understand that this is

The Monday After The Time Change Should So Be A Holiday

Today's post will be nothing more than a rant thanks to the lack of sleep due to the stupid time change.  I am not even sure how I managed to make it in to work today fully dressed and looking like a grown up.  I am just thankful it is March Break and the kids are away for the week or I would probably be hiding under my bed right about now. So, Toronto Comicon and my first attempt at cosplaying were awesome.  I totally get why people do this now.  It is fun.  There is something incredibly rewarding about putting effort into your take of something you love and having other people appreciate it as much as you do.  The post and pictures (yup, I brought my camara this time) will be up later this week along with several making of posts.  I mean, it is after all craft month and I have posted nothing about it so far since I was too busy crafting.   Which in a weird way makes sense to me.  Sadly, the crafts I loved making the most, like my super puffy TARDIS cosplay underskirt I didn

My Take On The Whole Food Allergy Thing

I'm going to start right off the bat by warning you that this post contains my opinion, which as you may or may not know, may offended you.  If that is going to bother you please stop reading now.  Okay, so my opinion on this as a parent is yes, it is a massive pain in the ass to not be able to send my extremely picky child to school with a peanut butter and honey sandwich (his favorite).  So he just takes honey (almost everyday since JK) not the end of the world.  Not for me not for him.  That note that I got home the time I bought him the fancy honey that kind of looked like peanut butter and forgot to send a note in his lunch bag about how it wasn't peanut butter (seriously it was apple cinnamon) was embarrassing but also not the end of the world.   Having to check ingredients in what I snacks I send him with, annoying but really he probably shouldn't be eating most of that crap anyway.  If someones kid got sick because of something I sent with my kid to schoo