Don't Panic....

So there I was working away this afternoon when I got a call from the daycare.  Now don't take what I am about to say in the wrong way at all.  I like these people.  They take awesome care if my kids, they are nice and most important of all my kids love them.

Me:  ".....Melissa speaking how can I help you?"

Daycare: "It's A from XYZ." 

So, automatically I think something is wrong with my kid because why else would the daycare be calling? 

Me: "Hi, A"

Daycare: "Did you pick up Ace from school today?"

Me: "Um, no..."

Daycare: "Well, he didn't get off the bus and the kids aren't really sure if he was on the bus or..."

Me(trying to keep the panic out of my voice): "What do you mean he didn't get off the bus?"

Daycare: "Don't panic, I'll just call the bus company..."

Me(interrupting): "I dropped him off this morning, he got on the bus.  Why didn't he get off the bus?"

Daycare: "DON'T PANIC!  I am going to call the bus company and call you back."

Okay what the hell?  You just told me you don't have my kid and you want me to not panic?  The fact that I am not screaming is about all the not panic you are going to get.  And that is only because my boss happens to be standing like three feet away from me. 

So I spend 7 of the longest minutes of my life explaining the situation to my boss as apparently he is interested in knowing why it looks like my head is going to explode and she calls back.

Me: "......Melissa speaking."

Daycare: "Melissa, he fell asleep on the bus."

Me: "Oh, thank god."

Daycare: "He will be back here shorty, I am going to go out and have a word with the bus driver."

Me: "Thank you.  I'm glad he's okay."

I am sure any parent who has ever had a child go MIA for any length of time knows the horrible things that go spinning through your head in that time.  Ugh, what a horrible addition to my afternoon.  But the important thing is that he is safe and sound, although probably getting sick because who can fall asleep on a school bus? 


  1. How scary! I know that happens . . . but it's just weird to me that other children on the bus wouldn't wake him, or that the bus driver wouldn't notice a sleeping child on his bus. Glad it turned out okay!!

    1. They are the last stop so there are not a lot of other kids left at that point I guess. *shrugs*

  2. I went into a panic just reading this! So glad it all turned out fine ::whew::

    1. Me too! He thinks it was a grand adventure of course.


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