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Some Things You Just Have To Share

So I received this picture in my e-mail today and I felt it needed to be shared. I hope it brightened your day as much as it brightened mine. 

Making A Love Monkey

I came across this pattern in an email from Red Heart and he was just so adorable I decided he had to be made for Valentine's Day.  I was a little worried about it at first as I have had problems before with making things that start with a circle but you only get better by trying so I got the yarn and jumped right in. Head Face Button Eyes Chosen by the kids Body with heart sewn on Head with face sewn on I didn't have any floral wire on hand so the original plan was to use a pipe cleaner to make a poseable tail but of course when it actually came time to finish him off and sew on his tail I couldn't fine one.  So in the end I took apart an old fake flower that has been sitting on my desk for the better part of forever and used the floral wire from the stem.  Waste not want not and all that. Finished Monkey I think he turned out just adorable and he is much loved at his new home as you can see.          Now, the downside

Movie Night With The Monkeys

On Friday, as is our custom whenever they stay with me instead of going to Dad's, we had movie night.  Now this has evolved greatly since we got Netflix in the house.  It used to be Cat and Ace would each pick a movie and then we would take turns with which one would get to watch their movie first.  If the movie ran long then we would watch the other ones choice the following evening.  A fair system if you ask me.  Now they have so many choices they decided to change they system.  Sometimes it works, sometimes (as in the case of this Friday) not so much.  The new system is some sort of crazy child democracy.  They scroll through their choices each saying what they want until they find something they both agree on.  (5 hours of classic Doctor Who anyone?) It works great until one finds something they really want to watch (Cat and Aliens in The Attic on Friday) and the other one does not want to watch it.  So world war three breaks out, and mom has to step in to cast the deciding

Celebrating My 100th Post!

Due to life being all sorts of crazy and the monkey s bringing home what seemed like every germ under t he sun I missed posti ng for one year a nniversary of my blog on January 18, 2013.  ( YAY!  I made it to one year)  S o, I am making a big deal out of this instead , mind you I would have made a big deal out of this anyways.   I am also going to take this chance to thro w out a photos and stuff from things that I wanted to p ost over the la st year but I ju st didn't get a chance to write a post about in a timely manner. ( like Fan Expo) S om ethi ng that I am going to try not to let happen this year , after all , events are not like crafts which can be posted when ever.   Also stuff that I just didn't know how to put into words, which is also someth ing I am going to work on.   The first two pictures are from Fan Expo 201 2 in August which I enjoyed a g reat deal and I probably would have been more likely to blog about if I had reme mber ed to bring my

Happy Valentine's Day!

The other morning my valentine and I had a silly conversation via text (as we are prone to having every now and again) and at the end of it I thought I wish I could draw as that would make a cute little sketch.  Well I can't draw but I drew it up anyways because it is Valentine's day and he deserves something cute to show how much I love him. For some reason, I just could not get that last one to load the right way around.  Who knows why.  Anyhow artist I am not but this is my valentine for my valentine.  Love you baby! I also love the rest of you! 

Bucket List (Premade)

Okay, so I received this in my e-mail and decided that it was awesome.  Since I am horrible at following rules of any sort (plus I thought it would make a great if long winded post) here goes my answers.  Er, the original instructions are here as well.  Bucket List - please play along -- you will be surprised at the responses. Whether you've done this before or not, be a good sport. Do it again (and take a brain break from your job for a minute)! Bucket List...Hit forward and place an x by all the things you've done, remove the x from the ones you have not, and send it to at least six of your friends (including me).  This is your life: ( ) Shot a gun   ( X )  Skipped school -at least a class a day from the middle of grade 10...I was a bad, bad girl.  ( ) Watched someone die ( ? )  Visited Canada -I'm not sure if this one counts as I live in Canada, but I have visited other places in Canada.  ( )   Visited Hawaii ( )   Visited Cuba ( ) Visite

Don't Panic....

So there I was working away this afternoon when I got a call from the daycare.  Now don't take what I am about to say in the wrong way at all.  I like these people.  They take awesome care if my kids, they are nice and most important of all my kids love them. Me:  ".....Melissa speaking how can I help you?" Daycare: "It's A from XYZ."  So, automatically I think something is wrong with my kid because why else would the daycare be calling?  Me: "Hi, A" Daycare: "Did you pick up Ace from school today?" Me: "Um, no..." Daycare: "Well, he didn't get off the bus and the kids aren't really sure if he was on the bus or..." Me(trying to keep the panic out of my voice): "What do you mean he didn't get off the bus?" Daycare: "Don't panic, I'll just call the bus company..." Me(interrupting): "I dropped him off this morning, he got on the bus.  Why didn't he get o

The Scarf....Finished At Last

FINALLY!!!  This project took me forever and multiple restarts.  The first came about because I notice a quarter of the way through that there was a massive curve going to what was supposed to be my straight scarf.  The second come about when I was almost finished.  (sorry Mike) I decided that I really hated how it looked, and yes I know "It's not for me, so does it really matter how I think it looks?"  YES, yes it does!  We all have an inner perfectionist no?  That little voice in our heads that says it's not good enough. Anyhow, here would normally be the part were I would link to the site where I found the original pattern but the link no longer works.  (sad face)  So instead I am going to link to a similar pattern that I found here. Of course I ended up doing something different but hey, that's just how I roll.  So here is my Doctor Who inspired scarf.  I like it, it's cute.  (mostly I like that it is done and I can do other stuff)  More importantly

Reading Challenge Book Review: As I Lay Dying

This style of writing has never been one of my favorites to read, all that jumping about from one point of view to another tends to make for a choppy story.  And in this case a confusing one, which I think may have been what Faulkner was going for because the situation is one where everything would be in turmoil but hey I am not an expert. It is a very well told story and it has some very heart touching moments in it.