A Belated Happy New Year

Despite a wonderful New Year's Eve spent ringing in 2013 with my closest friends I still managed to get my year off to a rocky start.  What can I say, I just have that kind of talent.  Like the bottle of champagne someone forgot in my freezer (seriously, what a mess) I just freeze up inside until I explode leaving a horrible mass of shards all over the place where people are bound to get hurt.

Except the person who gets hurt the most is me.  I am starting to see that I am like the master at self sabotage.  Anyhow, enough with the happy.  I have decide screw resolutions I am going to have goals this year...and they shall be awesome. 

I have big goals and little goals and I am also working through a goal setting system to learn to make smarter goals that are more orientated to where I want to be in the long run.  So there is a good chance that some of this list may change within the next thirty days.  Right now though these are my goals for 2013. 

1) Finish the Doctor Who scarf.

2) Get my Driver's Licence.

3) Finish my Sewing and Dressmaking Course.

4) Blog more.

5) Start working on my novel.

6) Work on my self esteem.

7) List items in my Etsy Store.

8) Rid myself of the items that clutter my home, if I don't love it lose it.

9) Spend more time playing with my kids.

10) Wear my fancy shoes more.

11) Start a gratefulness journal. 

12) Work on being happy. 

It's not a long list right now, but they are things that I want to work towards at the moment.  Things that are important to me or things that I have been putting off for a long period of time.  So far I feel very good about my goals. 


  1. Happiness is fleeting and is dependent on circumstances. Joy is an attitude.

    Someone needs to scold you for abusing alcohol. How could you let an innocent bottle burst from neglect like that?

    Cheers and prosperity in 2013.


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