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My Favorite Things From 2012: Movie

My favorite movie from 2012 was another hard choice for me, anyone who knows me if they were asked would probably say that my favorite movie of the year was The Avengers. And having watched it a good 15 times at this point one would think I agreed. However, when I really sat down and thought about the movie that stuck with me the most this year was The Amazing Spiderman. I know, I thought it was weird too.   It's not even because Andrew Garfield was on Doctor Who because I didn't clue in on that until much later.  (seriously though, and with Tennant too)  It's because it is the one movie of the year that I and both of my kids enjoyed together.  Also it is the longest movie Cat can sit all the way through.  (she is a HUGE Spiderman fan, I don't know why)   I think it is awesome that I have passed along my love for superheros to my children.  (I am not the biggest Spiderman fan)  I also thought this movie was WAY better than the last box office go round w

Bloggy Ornament Exchange

This December I participated in For The Love of Writings' Bloggy Ornament Exchange.  I love exchanges, usually I do craft associated ones because I love making stuff and I love learning new techniques from other people.  However this year I was not feeling the Christmas mood and needed some inspiration to get my Christmas tree put up.  Not having the kids for Christmas Eve made me kind of wonder what the point was know what I mean?  The idea of an ornament sent from somewhere else was just the spark I needed to get myself into the Christmas spirit.  After all it would need a home right? Cat had a blast picking out the ornaments (she felt they were friends and needed to stay together) to go out to my recipient and we got it shipped out on Sunday no problem.  I hope they made it to their new home in a timely fashion. Meanwhile, I got this super awesome ornament last night: Isn't he adorable?  It's hard to make out in the picture but his stomach says "Tweet Th

My Favorite Things Of 2012 Post Two: Soundtrack

This is how I figured I'd get away with not being able to decide on a favorite album this year.  Totally cheating, I know, but I could not help myself.  After all, this soundtrack took people who normally make me want to stuff my ears full off cotton like Taylor Swift and made me able to say I have a favorite song by them.  (I never thought I would ever say that) Anyways, my favorite soundtrack this year is: It was a bit of a toss up for me though as I am also hugely in love with the soundtrack from The Avengers.  (surprise, surprise)  In the end Hunger Games won because the songs just stick with me more.  My two favorite songs off of the album are 'Safe and Sound' which is Taylor Swift Featuring the Civil Wars: And 'Come Away to The Water' which is Maroon 5 Featuring Rozzi Crane: But really the whole album is worth a listen to.  Defiantly money well spent. 

A Scarf for Ace

For Christmas this year I thought since my children just have so many toys, books, and other stuff we would try and go a different route.  They were surprisingly receptive to this idea when I put it to them (I think it was mostly dislike of cleaning their room) and very enthusiastic for a simple Christmas. One of the first projects I took on was to make them each a scarf.  For Ace's I used Red Heart's Team Spirit Yarn (which came out this year) in red and blue.  I the way this scarf turned out with the asymmetrical stripes.  Kind of reminds me of Lego in the way it looks like they are snapped together. I really think he will like it.  (at least I hope)

My Favorite Things Of 2012 Post One: Album

Picking my favorite album of 2012 was a very difficult decision, there were a lot of good albums that came out this year.  There were some that I really liked, some that really spoke to me and some that got a lot of replay in my house.  There were two that did all of these things.  This one got first billing.  *drum roll*  As this is the second blog post I have devoted to Emilie Autumn I think it states that I think that she is a brilliant artist, talented and all that normal stuff.  But this album speaks to me on a level that her previous albums did not.  I've had a lot of very dark days this year (and in life in general) and something in this album stirred something inside me and helped pulled me through a lot of that.  Which was much appreciated. Plus, it's just an awesome, quirky album! So I am going to end this post with my two favorite songs off of Fight Like a Girl which are on completely different ends of the Emilie Autumn spectrum of music.  'Girls! Gi

It's December

Where did the time go?  I'm not ready for December yet.  December means Christmas parties and concerts and all sorts of goings on. I just can't handle that right now. The very thought of all the things I have to get done over the next few weeks makes me want to stick my head in the sand and not come out until late January.  And I do this stuff to myself.  Oh, I think I'll make more gifts this year, it will be more personal.  I think I'll take the kids on a trip for Christmas, they have too much stuff and they will have so much fun.  I think I will have a New Year's Party, I haven't had a party in ages and I hate going out. Etc, etc, etc...  Please note that I am actually insane.  I craft stuff for most of the people I am making gifts for all the time.  I am sure they would love a nice gift card.    Taking the kids away is fair, I used to love going away with my parents when I was a kid and I think the kids will have a great time.  Hopefully I will make it