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Water Off A Duck's Back

I read this today about coping with stress and it really hit home for me.  For the past few months a have been a huge mess (totally not coping) and it has been affecting every aspect of my life.  The tiniest bit of bad news sends me careening off kilter (usually in a bad direction) So as I read that little blurb today I was reminded of the saying 'like water off a duck's back' which was something my mom said to me a lot when I was a kid.  (I got bullied a lot)  When I stop to take a deep breath, none of my problems are so serious, and if I were to stop and take a deep breath I probably wouldn't freak out so much. So I have decided from now on, every time I feel that stress coming on to repeat 'like water off a duck's back' under my breath.  (try it, you'll understand)  If that doesn't work to loosen me up for the moment I might actually be worried about something, not just stressed.