A Bracelet For Cat

My second foray into jewelry making came at Miss Cat's request, I have a black and silver bracelet made of bead of varying sizes that she is always asking to wear that does not fit her.  So in typical craft addict fashion I went and picked up some beads in various colors (I only had tiny ones at home, honest)

She sorted through the tiny packages with a devotion that made me proud.  Seriously, I love that kid I will miss it when she no longer sports the stuff I make with pride.  (I can hope that it never comes to that right? Ace hasn't hit that point yet)

Anyways, she picked out these large purple beads, medium pink ones, and tiny green to purple beads.  I really loved making it for her, even though I dumped all the beads off when I was tying it and had to start all over.  (that sucked)

Did I mention she has the smallest wrist ever?


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